Ringing at St George’s

Visiting bands, groups of ringers and individuals are all welcome at St George's. Please contact the Tower Captain to arrange your visit. The regular weekly times for ringing are:

  • Practice: 17:00 on Saturdays
  • Service ringing: 09:20 on Sundays

When we're all here we have about 15 ringers on the books, but that rarely happens because we have some ringers who live at least an hour's drive away and others who are resident here for only part of the year. We are currently principally a rounds and call-change band, and we ring in the Devon-style, with closed handstroke leads.

The bells are readily available for peals and quarter peals. If you're thinking of coming for a weekend, a typical programme might be:

  • Friday evening: quarter peal
  • Saturday morning: peal
  • Saturday 17:00: practice
  • Sunday 09:15: service ringing with ringing or quarter peal after the service
  • Monday morning: peal attempt if required