An incredible achievement

On Mon Nov 4 1991 in 3h 12m in Sawley, Derbyshire, a peal of 5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal was rung by the following four ringers: 1-2 Paul Jopp 3-4 Robert B Smith (cond) 5-6 John Jelley 7-8-9-0 Simon Melen. This was a ground-breaking achievement. Yorkshire Royal is a relatively advanced method, and many ringers would struggle to ring one bell to it. Simon rang four.

On Sunday, 6 January 2013 Simon Melen rang 9-10-11-12 to Bristol S Maximus with 1–2 Jennifer E Earis, 3–4 Elizabeth A Orme, 5–6 Philip J Earis, 7–8 David J Pipe (C). A video of one lead can be seen below. This was much admired at the time and is certainly an amazing achievement; however, much more was to come.

On Monday, 30 December 2019, Simon Melen rang 7-8-9-10 to a peal of Orion S Maximus. To ring four-in-hand to Orion is certainly the hardest thing that has ever been accomplished on handbells. Simon rang four of the middle bells, which is considerably more complicated than ringing the four tenors. Orion is one of the most demanding 12-bell methods which is commonly rung. To ring just one bell to it is well beyond the scope of most ringers.

More information about this incredible acheivement and can be found in The Ringing World