20. Singles

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The only thing you haven't done yet in Grandsire Doubles is to be in 2nds or 3rds place at a single. It's easy!

Remember that the only difference between a single and a bob is that the bells in 2nds and 3rds place lie still as the treble leads. This gives two new pieces of work:

  • If the treble turns you from lead at a single, make 2nds and become the new hunt bell.
  • If you're in 3rds place at the handstroke after the single is called, make 4 blows in 3rds and go back into the front. This is commonly known as 'long 3rds'. A diagram should make this clear. I've put lines through 4 and 5 in the following true touch of 40 changes (a single at every lead end), to highlight how those bells make the 2nds and the long 3rds at the first and third lead ends:
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I've left it to you to work out rules for singles to go with the rules for bobs at the end of the last post. Only do it if you think you need them; I think you can probably manage without. The fewer rules you try to remember, the fewer there are to muddle up or forget.

That's everything done that you need to be able to ring any touch of Grandsire Doubles on any bell. Enjoy, and, when you're confident, maybe it'll be time to think about that first quarter peal...